Video: This peculiar prototype could be the future of flying cars

The prototype "Mad Bat" could make ordinary cars fly.

The prototype «Mad Bat» could make ordinary cars fly.

Photo: Steadicopter/Getty Images

This quirky new flying machine is being touted as the future of «aeronautics» and could lift any ordinary car off the ground.

The call «Mad Bat” is a quarter-scale prototype of the plane that has already proven its ability to perform amazing tricks in the air.

Described as a «multipurpose tilting biplane,» the unique «eVTOL» is the brainchild of a Romanian team led by a builder by the name of Razvan Sabie.

It uses a so-called «tail seat profile» to provide a seat situated in a kind of cockpit, or what some would say, an «improvised seat».

Here the video of the Mad Bat prototype:

It remains horizontal even when the propeller drive system rotates completely horizontal.

The versatility of the design would allow the Mad Bat to be offered in different sizesfrom a backpack-sized drone to a multi-seat taxi.

The company also claims that a large version could be built to fit any car to make it a flying vehicle.

Razvan Sabie, the builder we mentioned, told Zenger News that he is working on Mad Bat with Professor Iosif Taposu, an aerodynamics expert, whom he considers a pioneer in the field.

Sabie explained: “The projects we work on are based on their invented airfoils, which allow for very low drag, high lift and very high angles of attack.”

“His work, related to this new aerodynamics, spans more than 30 years. Its aerodynamic principles will change a lot in the future of aviation”, he added.

“We are using these airfoils in a scientific way, based on very solid mathematical theories. Future applications could be huge,” he concluded.

With a prototype acting as a proof of concept, the team is seeking investment to move the Mad Bat forward and is already designing a full-scale single-pilot model.

Sabie said the name Mad Bat refers both to the name of the internal project named “Batman” and to the bat-like aerobatic maneuvers the craft is capable of.

The aircraft would also have a parachute safety system installed to offer controlled landings in the event of engine failure.

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