Twitter: the end of the social network has left very good memes that explain everything

what seemed to be a «death foretold chronicle» is about to happen. Everything seems to indicate that After the arrival of Elon Musk at the helm of the ship, Twitter is about to sink, after all the changes in terms of work policy since the tycoon took control of the company, which also led to the mass dismissal of thousands of its employees.

After several Twitter workers joined a labor strike yesterday, Musk did not take this act of «rebellion» well on the part of his collaborators, since several international media say that he would have sent an email to all where he commented that it was the exact moment to «get on or leave the ship» definitively and that now they must be «extremely hard» to build a breakthrough in what will be Twitter 2.0.

If many Twitter employees already complained about the long and exhausting work hours, now everything seems to indicate that under Musk’s direction they will now double in order to replicate the «success» of SpaceX or Tesla, and of other of your companies in this social network.

After the radical changes exerted by Elon Musk, as well as the brain drain, it is strongly rumored that the company is falling apart, so many firmly believe that the end of Twitter is near.

In fact, The hashtag RIPTwitter has gone viral on social networks, through which a series of memes have been shared that explain what is happening inside the “little blue bird” company. some being critical of Musk and others addressing the issue with humor.

Then we leave you some of the best memes regarding the current conflict within Twitter:

We also found several memes on the subject under the hashtag #AdiosTwitter:

She was the old trusty. She warned us about the crashes of Facebook, WhatsApp and even Instagram. Earthquakes, UFOs and good gossip. Highly toxic but the best social network.

Miss you…

Goodbye Twitter#ByeTwitter— Iván Estrada (@Estradamyers) November 18, 2022

And many more under the hashtag #GoodByeTwitter:

Thank you Twitter for so many moments in such a short time. You accompanied me day by day, a source of a kind of catharsis and at the same time inspiration. But I can’t anymore, it’s time to close my eyes, I’ll just leave this image to say goodbye #GoodByeTwitter— Mr. Eraser (NOT TO THE PROSECUTOR) (@Sr_Borrador) November 18, 2022

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