Twitter changes its algorithm: it will show you more tweets from users you don’t know

With the arrival of Elon Musk, Twitter has undergone a series of changes and adjustments, both at the business level and in the way in which the social network is managed and presented to its users.

It has recently been reported that Twitter will have a major change regarding the content that appears in the home feed because the app confirmed that The number of recommendations will increase in order for people to «see the best content» shared in the app.

This change will mean that now there will be much more tweets from accounts that you do not exactly follow but that publish content very similar to those that you do and that is the most viewed by each one. This represents a greater insistence on the algorithm’s movement, which will also impact the ads that appear.

Twitter Algorithm Changes

It was in 2016 when Twitter made changes to its algorithm with the intention of showing the best tweets that were published when the user was not connected, since the fact that they were in chronological order caused them to be lost.

Little by little, the theme evolved and the recommendations were much more visible, with the intention that users get to know other accounts and thus expand their content, which also opened the possibility of viewing internal and external advertising.

Right now, Twitter users can organize their feed in a variety of ways. There is a default one that shows you content provided by the algorithm, where posts from accounts that are followed, those that are constantly viewed, and those that are not followed but are related to the most viewed or searched topics by users are shown.

There is also another option that allows you to look at the content according to the publication time of the accounts that are followed. And in the configuration panel you can make different changes, such as the deactivation of personalized ads, places visited, identity created in the algorithm, among others.

Taking all this into account, Twitter’s confirmation of increasing the number of recommendations will impact the first option and the Explore section much more, since the search engine will not only show results related to the words consulted, but also adds advertising and recommendations that make sense in that context.

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