These are the steps to follow to activate the “Halloween mode” in your WhatsApp

We are in the middle of October and no matter where you go, surely Everything is already decorated or has Halloween motifs, one of the most popular celebrations, not only in the United States but throughout the world.

In addition to the traditional costumes and decorations in your home, you can also have a technological Halloween mood, particularly on WhatsApp, Well, this application allows you to make a couple of curiosities in your messages or video calls related to this celebration.

We’ll tell you right away how you can activate the «Halloween mode» in your WhatsApp from before October 31 so that you can surprise all your contacts with some curious things that you can send them.

How to activate the «Halloween mode» in your WhatsApp

For this celebration, WhatsApp has some curious things that you can use to give your conversations and chats a special touch, such as:

* Send “ghost” or blank messages. You will need to enter this Unicode link; copy the blank text in the box and then paste it into your WhatsApp conversations.* Download Halloween stickers. You can search various apps to download them and surprise your friends.* Change your background color of your WhatsApp. All you have to do is enter «Settings»; then, go to «Chats» and there choose where it says «Wallpaper», where you can change the color that you like the most and relate to Halloween (orange, purple or black).* Change your WhatsApp icon for a pumpkin. The first thing to do is download a transparent PNG image of a pumpkin from Google. Then, download the Nova Launcher app, with which you can define the style of the image and then change it as your icon. You just have to click on the WhatsApp logo, and choose that image.

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