Spotify Wrapped 2022 is now available: how to get yours, what it includes and how to share it

As is customary, just before the end of the year, Spotify delights all its subscribers by compiling which things were the most listened to, both by themselves and by other users, in a list that they have called as Spotify Wrapped 2022.

Only this time, Spotify wanted to go further and now andl Wrapped this year looks much more colorful and lively than on other occasions, to show us what we have heard the most on this platform throughout 2022, as well as the genre or musical groups that reign our tastes.

Let’s remember that The Wrapped is obtained thanks to the fact that Spotify is collecting all the music data that you are playing on all your devices where you are logged in with your account. In the same way, through a system of really colorful stories, similar to those of Instagram, you will be able to view or consult important data from your musical year.

Among these data it highlights the most played songs, the podcasts that you may have liked the most depending on the time you have spent listening to them and also the musical style in general. In addition, you will also see the most listened to artist and you can thank him for creating the content that you have enjoyed during 2022.

This is how you can access and view the Spotify Wrapped 2022

Spotify offers different ways to access Wrapped 2022. The first is through this link that opens the main page of this list.

Also, under the options to download the application in the App Store and the Google Play Store, you can click on «Listen here to your summary of the year». In this way it will be redirected automatically, regardless of the device you are on.

If you have the mobile application or the computer version, you will receive a notification to access this tool in a comfortable way. It is usually accompanied by a banner at the top of the applications so that you can access the entire collection with a single click.

In the specific case of the mobile application, you will be able to find the «Wrapped 2022» section, presenting you with the possibility of viewing the compilation in a list format, but also in the format of the traditional stories where relevant data of all the music is offered. What have you heard throughout the year?

In addition, like every year, you will be able to share this information on your social networks. Specifically each of the stories with striking details You will be able to post it on TikTok or Instagram quickly. At the end of all these stories with content based on your data, you will see the option to open the ordered list with the successes of your year that you can add to your library with a single click.

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