Snapchat resets after a 3+ hour drop

It seems that technology companies, particularly social media and some messaging applications, they are living «black days» due to the «blackout» they have been experiencing since last week You have caused your services to work intermittently or crash completely.

One of the platforms that has been suffering from this situation for several days is Snapchat.

On October 4, hundreds of Snapchat users reported having had many problems sending and receiving photos, videos and text messages through this app.

According to information published by Downdetector, in the United States 60% of the reports received reported general problems with the application, while 26% indicated difficulties in connecting with the servers that support the application.

This Wednesday, October 13, there is again bad news for the users of this social network, since a new fall of Snapchat was reported a little more than 3 hours ago, which prevented users from performing some basic actions on their platform.

The first reports made by users indicated that You could not correctly post updates to your stories, as well as send messages.

According to the site cited above, the failure was registered from 8 in the morning; 38% reported general failures in the application, 31% of the reports are related to content loading and another 31% indicated connection problems.

At the moment, it is unknown what caused the fall and although it seems that it was a minor flaw since it is only visible when users try to publish a new story or send a message, it generated a whole series of complaints on different platforms.

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