Online security and cryptocurrencies: the basic measures

Cryptocurrencies are a source of financial freedom: through them, their users can have total control of their money. This is because there is no person or entity that regulates the monetary system of this ecosystem.

But this, in addition to being the great advantage of digital assets, on the other hand leaves all the responsibility on the protection and security of the funds in charge of their owners.

That is why today we want to share some simple but fundamental complexes for operate safely with digital currencies.

knowledge is power

With the popularization of cryptocurrencies and the recent price increases, many people entered the market without much knowledge about how the technology works.

The hope of a high return on investment was put ahead of the rational analysis of the sector. And guided by impulse, there are not a few who buy these digital assets without knowing their basic safety rules. Many people even do it without fully understanding what is a cryptocurrency.

If you are interested in participating responsibly in the new economy, contemplate that the more knowledge you have, the more mature your decisions will be, not only regarding your investments but also about the security of your assets.

Know how the main wallets and their different types, or know how to choose one private key and strong passwords, or how to make a backup of your private key, are very important issues for any participant in the crypto universe.

To learn more about these and other issues, remember that you can read all the articles of our launch pad, which include texts, videos and guides.

how we use the internet

Some people are careless on the internet: click any link that appears to them, they open doubtful emails, download programs unreliable sources or deliver data in forms without thinking about it.

Others take care of their digital life as much as their real routine: keep their computers clean as if they were your home, organize your files as they do with their physical documents and do not download suspicious programs just as they would not let strangers into their home.

It is evident that the use of cryptocurrencies is safer for prudent people in their online routines. Also, for those who are more unconcerned about the good digital practices, the possibility of a “contamination” of your devices is greater.

There are various viruses and unfair practices that steal our data and can even attack the balances of our cryptocurrency wallets. Therefore, you need to reflect on the way you use the internet, and that you check that you are taking the necessary basic measures so as not to be unprotected.

Do not invest in unknown cryptocurrencies

Precisely because they do not have a central regulatory body, there are those who use digital assets to attack and defraud people with little knowledge From the market.

Reject any offer that promises you astronomical profits, and stay away from any proposal that your common sense makes you doubt. Just like the real world, the new digital economy has its own criminals, who try to trick you into getting hold of your funds.

For who are starting in this market, the best option is to buy cryptocurrencies directly in companies with good reputation and track record, your gateway to the crypto world.