How to enter the crypto market

If you came to this article it was because you are interested in the universe of cryptocurrencies, and you may already know something about Bitcoin or Ethereum, or have heard about stablecoins or the blockchain technology that enables all these developments.

But there are always doubts. Is it better to start with Bitcoin? Or with stable cryptocurrencies? What is, ultimately, the best way to enter this market? Before proceeding, reflect a little on why do you want to enter this new economy: to earn money, to test the technology, to preserve value, to transfer it abroad faster and cheaper…

The important thing is that you identify your case, and that don’t do anything because a friend, family member or someone from your work did it. It is essential that you make decisions based on analyzing your own needs and possibilities.

What do you need to start buying cryptocurrencies

You have already taken the first step: knowing the crypto world and the existence of its market. If you want expand your knowledge, you can review the Guides that we publish in this same Launchpad, a site that we recommend you explore thoroughly so as not to stop learning new things.

A common question is whether it is necessary to buy a whole bitcoin. Well, no: Bitcoin operates with up to 8 decimal places, so you can get fractions and pay them in pesos without having to spend as much money as to buy a whole BTC. I took into account that each way of operating with cryptocurrencies has its particularity and difficulty.

One of the simplest and safest that we can recommend is through a platform, where you will be able to operate with bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies directly in pesos and from Argentina. You just need to create and activate your account.

As you learn more about the field, and gain confidence, you will come across hundreds of different cryptocurrencies, each with its own characteristics. To start, it is recommended to operate with the most famous and valuable, the pioneer Bitcoin. Although you should always keep in mind that its price varies permanently, and in the short term you could lose part of your value, as well as multiply it. An alternative is to opt for less volatile cryptocurrencies: stablecoins like DAI or USD Coin, for example.

How to trade safely

As in any market or business that involves financial assets, in this universe it is very common for there to be tricksters and hackers eager to find their next victim.

The first thing to note is that there is no easy money. Miraculous promises of big profits, guaranteed by “financial market geniuses”, tend to be scams. Remember: not even the most conservative investments guarantee a return. Do not believe in miraculous promises.

But, even dodging the scammers, also you need to protect your digital assets and technology devices. There are many security precautions that you can take on the platforms where you operate.

In other words, information is everything. Some first steps you should take are to investigate ways to protect your keys, access your cryptocurrency wallet from secure devices and use private internet networks and never public networks to operate.

Are you ready to start trading?

So that you can check if you are ready to start your internship in the crypto world, we invite you to ask yourself these questions.

  • I’m aware of I’m not going to get rich in a month?
  • Do I have the information to identify if the platform where I am going to operate is serious and suitable?
  • Does that platform respond to my needs? Is your operation within reach of my level of knowledge?
  • I have one secure way to access to that platform?
  • I know what digital asset do i want buy and why?

With all that fresh information and decisions made, it’s time to register on the platform of your preference. Creating new accounts is very simple, and in these articles we will clear up all your doubts about how to do it.

Once you have registered, most of the platforms ask you for a process of identity validation, but don’t chase yourself: they are just some data to guarantee that you are who you claim to be.

Once you have activated or validated your account, you will be able to fund your wallet with fiat currency deposits and start buying cryptocurrencies.

Yes, we are insistent, but do not forget: The best way to operate in the crypto world is to be clear about your motives and permanently analyze the information. about platforms, currencies and conditions.

To begin with, with this article you already have a good overview of what care to have to enter the world of cryptocurrencies.