Yankees GM isn’t worried about Joey Gallo’s low average

Joey Gallo has been one of the few low points on the New York Yankees during the start of the 2022 MLB season. The outfielder has never been a high average hitter, but this year he has a worrying slump that keeps him with a low average when almost a month and a half into the harvest. However, in the office they are not worried.

«Gallo can help us defensively, he can help us offensively, he can help us with a key walk. He can contribute in a lot of ways. And, obviously, there’s still a lot of time,» Brian Cashman, general manager of the Mulos, calmly summarized to the Daily News, about what he still has a chance to do as a baseball player.

The outfielder is hitting .187/.291/.320 in 75 legal appearances with the New Yorkers as of Wednesday.

Brian Cashman’s deal to bring Joey Gallo to the Bronx last July is still being panned. Gallo has struggled since joining the Yankees in a deadline-day trade last season. Cashman, however, said he is not concerned about the left fielder. @bykristieackert https://t.co/RVRbzYlJCs

— NY Daily News Sports (@NYDNSports) May 11, 2022

For a player considered a starter, hitting less than .200 is a bad thing. For now, the Yankees can play to a positive record with someone like that in the lineup. But if Gallo doesn’t pick up production he could be benched.

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Cashman praised Gallo’s delivery and the way he is «bonded with his teammates.» Therefore, the executive says forcefully: «I’m not worried about Joey Gallo.»