Why Andruw Jones won’t be inducted into the Hall of Fame

Little by little they have been revealed who will be the new exalts of the 2022 class of the MLB Hall of Fame, which; judging by the partial results, it is led by David Ortíz, Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens.

However, one of the names that has not been able to gain support from the voters is Andruw Jones, who between the 1996 and 2006 seasons was one of the best center fielders in the league.

In that period, Jones attended five All-Star Games as representatives of the Atlanta Braves and won 10 consecutive Golden Gloves. In addition, he appeared in the voting for the MVP of the National League on 5 occasions, achieving second place in the 2005 campaign.

In that same span, he hit 319 home runs and led that department on the 2005 schedule with 51 hits. He also drove in 940 races and was the leader that same year with 128 at the old circuit.