Uruguay negotiates in Madrid for Professor Ortega

They departed stealthily on Tuesday afternoon from the Carrasco International Airport in Montevideo, without the majority of the Uruguayan press noticing the flight. Eduardo Ache and Matias Perez («the oldest and the youngest», according to another member of the Executive Committee of the Uruguayan Football Association), they traveled to Spain with a specific mission: initiate contacts with the aim of having Profe Ortega, the physical trainer of Atlético de Madrid as a member of the Celeste coaching staff in the next Qatar Cup 2022.

Ortega, with a special authorization from the mattresses, was part of the Uruguayan team in the last four games of the South American Qualifiers, starting with the arrival of Diego Alonso as coach. His work regimen was sui generis: like the summoned footballers, he traveled especially to South America on the two FIFA dates last February and March.

The Profe injected the sky blue with his special character, and was very important for Uruguay’s rise in the final stretch, with four wins in four games, and direct qualification for the World Cup.

With the Qualifiers over, the «carriage turned back into a pumpkin.» The spell of being able to be with his country’s team via special authorization from Atlético de Madrid was undone, and now everything must be negotiated again.

Javier G. Gomara

The Uruguayan will play his last game tomorrow in front of the Atlético de Madrid fans, who will tell him 'goodbye' with full honors

Eduardo Ache is a veteran Uruguayan leader, president several times of the Montevideo National. Professor Ortega highlighted weeks ago the «chemistry» that had emerged between the two, despite the short time they were able to share. Perhaps because of that «chemistry», is that Ache took the initiative to travel to Madrid to find formulas that would allow Ortega to fulfill his dream of being part of a World Cup.

Ache traveled accompanied by Matías Pérez, a young ex-soccer player, and now a leader, as of the statutory reform in the Uruguayan Football Association in 2018, which established the presence of a representation of football players in the direction of the Uruguayan soccer.

Ache and Pérez have been in Madrid since Wednesday, but according to sources consulted by MD, as of Friday they had not yet arranged a meeting with Gil Marin, Atletico CEO. It is assumed that they have talked with Professor Ortega, but without revealing concrete results.

The game of desires, wills, powers, and ability to negotiate, with the axes of the Teacher Ortega, Cholo Simeone and Gil Marín, weighed by the leaders of the Uruguayan Federation, he will say, surely not these days, but in the coming weeks, if the mattress physical trainer will also be the PF of Uruguay in the World Cup.