«Two words: Maty Ryan»

Maty ryan he continues to vindicate himself with his selection. The Real goalkeeper once again had another superb performance with Australia, despite the fact that he could not prevent the ‘Socceroos’ from being defeated for the first time since June 2019, in this case against Japan at home (2-1). Such was the accumulation of stops by the realistic goalkeeper, that one of the tweets that posted the official account of the oceanic put only: «Two words: Maty ryanAt 1-1 in the spotlight, the 29-year-old from Plumpton uncapped the scent jar and saved his team three times, even making a heroic intervention in the 2-1 action, but his teammate Behich he shoved the ball into his goal after it hit the post.

Ryan He will return to Zubieta in the next few hours from the other side of the world saddened by a defeat that does not prevent Australia from continuing first in group B, but at the same time satisfied by another outstanding performance, such as last Thursday against Oman.

In the 75th minute, goalkeeper txuri urdin billed a brilliant double save. In hand in hand with Ito, remained standing and cleared the shot at mid-height with his left arm in an almost handball goalkeeper reaction, but he also had time to throw himself and deflect the subsequent volley attempt with both hands. Endo. In 79 ‘, he again spit with his gloves a shot adjusted below Asano and it was in 85 ‘when he could not avoid the Japanese goal. The cross shot of Asano He was poisoned by the rebound in an Australian, but the realistic goalkeeper reacted by taking out an electric arm to brush enough and send the ball to the post in a parabola; however, his partner Behich he pushed him to ‘the cage’ in his attempt to clear, in a forced foreshortening.


The Real goalkeeper was decisive in the victory of the Socceroos against Australia and the historical record of his team