Travel to Tirana for the final, an odyssey

With 13 days to go until the Conference League finaltravel to Tirana, scene of the match between Rome and Feyenoord, is becoming an odyssey for fans, also for those who have a ticket. In the case of Roma supporters, many airlines have canceled flights to the Albanian capital and affected supporters are only entitled to a refund or change of dates.

To this are added the organizational problems on the ground that the two clubs are experiencing, which in the last three days have been in Tirana to carry out an inspection. Between infrastructures, connections and reception areas there are significant shortcomings to host a final (on May 25) with not only 20,000 fans in the stadium but also an undetermined number of fans (at least 50,000, which can cause public order problems ) arriving from the Netherlands and Italy without tickets.

From May 16, the control of organizational operations will officially pass to UEFA, which will try to resolve complicated issues. Rome and Feyenoord will also hold a meeting.

Fans who have lost their flights are studying other ways to travel to Albania to watch the final, such as traveling across the Adriatic Sea from Ancona to Durrë (Albanian port city, west of Tirana).