Toronto shows that it wants the Stanley Cup

A night that followed the trends of previous games, in Raleigh, the Hurricanes came back strong and defeated Boston. Meanwhile in Toronto the alternation of victories continued, putting the Canadians on the right track to move forward.

Carolina Hurricanes very serious gamewhich again in this series they asserted the local factor, as has been the case since the beginning of this series, to take the third point to his locker and put himself one victory away from the playoff pass. The defense led by Tony DeAngelo and supported in the goal by Antti Raanta, shut down the Boston stars and left the visitors powerless against the trickle of goals that already from the first period fell on Jeremy Swayman’s goalwho gave the feeling that he could have contributed something more to keep the Bostonians in the game.

In the second period, Seth Jarvis with his two goals he scored the stardom of the matchand ensured a placid end of the match for his team.

The series returns to the TD Garden, where it remains to be seen if the Bruins come back strong or if Carolina is capable of turning the trend of the series and closing the tie in the sixth game.

Auston Matthews is the boss of Toronto and served as such in the game that faced the aspiring Leafs against the Lightning champions at the Scotiabank Center scoring the game-winning goal. A duel of powers in which the first to make a declaration of intent were the visitors that with goals from Stamkos and the recent Norris finalist, Hedman, put the Florida team ahead.

But in the second third, the Leafs began to regroup and his reward was a power play goal from his captain John Tavares that left the game within reach of a goal for his team.

The game entered the decisive third with the fact against Toronto, that Neither team had come from behind in the course of the series, but the Maple Leaf wants to rebel this year against all the curses, ghosts and clouds that want to keep you away from Stanley Cup and with two goals in one minute they took the lead. Tampa was not resigned to seeing them pass and Ryan McDonagh tied the game for Tampa trying to lower the local smoke.

But heGreat moments are made for great players, and Auston Matthews appeared there to decide the match. His goal six minutes from time could not be neutralized for the Bolts, who will have to turn to their ice and their fans to continue fighting for the triple crown.

First period marked by the special teams, the three sanctions ended in a goal, the Blues were the first to open the scoring and Kaprizov tied twice and traced the result for the locals. The second period continued with the two-way duel between both teams, and in those 20 minutes only Brandon Saad he was able to find the opposite goal putting the boards on the scoreboard.

That on Tuesday in Minnesota there was going to be a Russian star, but it wasn’t going to be the big baller Kaprizov, if not Vladimir Tarasenko. The one from Yaroslavl he not only matched but also surpassed his compatriot’s scoring mark and his hat trick left his rivals out of place who could only attend the Blues striker’s hockey exhibition and lick their wounds to force a seventh game where they win the cat to water.

Swim to die on the shorewith this simple phrase one could summarize the game that closed on Tuesday night, an effort to tie a game that seemed lost in the final stretch of the same to end up giving in without having the option of anything in extra time.

And it is that the Kings, with a serious game and without complexes, had most of the 60 minutes of the game the scoreboard under control, entering the last period with a two-goal advantage. A final period in which the indiscipline of both teams made the special teams protagonists of the festival of goals that was the protagonist of those twenty minutes that left the scoreboard in a draw.

The extra time chronicle was very shortthe Oilers had no chance to continue the momentum that tied the game from two goals behind, because the Kings totally ate their toast besieging the goal of mike smith, and just after the first minute, Adrian Kempe He scored his second goal of the night and pocketed the point of the game in the Los Angeles backpack.

The Oilers complicate the seriesnot only because of the general score of the series of 3-2 against, but also because they have created in the minds of the Kings the belief that the tie is within their reach when they started it with the illusion of growing and competing.