Tite apologizes to Bolivia: «I was wrong»

The coach of the Brazilian soccer team, Adenor Leonardo Bacchi ‘Tite’apologized this Wednesday for having said that playing at the altitude of La Paz is «inhumane».

The coach referred to the criticism he received for a statement he gave before the game in which Brazil thrashed 0-4 to bolivia on March 29 in La Paz, which was the last of the Canarinha in the South American qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, in which they finished leader with a wide advantage.

Tite expressed his apology at the press conference he gave this Wednesday to announce the squad list for the friendlies that Brazil will play on June 2 with South Korea and June 6 with Japanwhich will be the first preparations for the Canarinha for the World Cup in Qatar.

«I was wrong»

«Before disclosing the list, I want to make an apology in public. I already did it in particular, but I want to do it publicly because I was wrong. Sorry César Farias (then Bolivian coach), sorry Marcelo Martins Moreno (hitter of the Bolivian team widely known in Brazil) and excuse Bolivian athletes,» said the coach.

«When I used the term inhumane in a context I had absolutely no intention of being disrespectful. It was in a sporting context,» he added. Tite.

The Brazilian coach stated that he was «unhappy» in using the term and that his intention was to refer to a context of physical and tactical situations that influence performance when playing games at altitude.

Criticism of Evo Morales

«But I was talking about the physical effects of altitude and I wasn’t talking about human relations,» he clarified about a comment that drew criticism from numerous Bolivian soccer players and even the former president. Evo Morales.