They negotiate for Sergio Rico

Sergio Rico, 28-year-old PSG Spanish goalkeeper, could call on the Majorca In the current winter market, the efforts being made by the Balearic team with the French club, revealed by the French press, bear fruit.

The former Sevilla, after three years in the French capital, is relegated to Third place in the race for ownership, with Keylor Navas and Donnarumma in front. As it is, the possibility of returning to Spanish football is regarded with very good eyes, as it would allow him to feel like a footballer again.

Mallorca would have already felt the situation, putting on the table of PSG the possibility of closing a loan without a purchase option until the end of the season. The player’s file, which in France they establish in 200,000 euros per month (something over 2 million per year) would be one of the great obstacles to overcome in the negotiation. Rico has a contract until 2024.