«They have always wanted me to face Benzema»

Olivier Giroud points out to the media, whom he accuses of having wanted to face the Real Madrid forward in the French team

Benzema, leader in Real Madrid and in the French team

Benzema, leader in Real Madrid and in the French team


Olivier Giroud has taken advantage of an interview with The Guardian to clarify a situation that apparently lasts over time: a hypothetical confrontation with Karim Benzema in the French national team. All invented by the French media from the beginning, according to him.

«All my career in the national team they have tried to confront me with him. You had Benzema’s supporters on the one hand and Giroud’s on the other. I always said that I had no problem with him and that I loved playing with him, but it was something made up by the media to make it look like we were in a fight. And that was never true. «

The Chelsea striker also regrets the proportions his fight with Kylian Mbappé took during the French team’s preparation ahead of last summer’s Euro Cup, when Giroud said he was out of balls. He assures that the incident was closed quickly. «It was such a small thing … He (Mbappé) was a bit upset for a few days, although I explained to him that I was not pointing the finger at him,» he says four months later.

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