The ‘trolling’ of Kroos for his resemblance to the statue of Agüero

Trolling is the order of the day among celebrities and when it comes to soccer players, they never go unnoticed. This is what has happened with the Real Madrid player, Tony Croos.

Manchester City unveiled this Friday the statue dedicated to the Kun Aguero, top scorer in the history of the ‘citizens’, as a tribute to the former player. The work was located on the east side of the Etihad alongside those of other club legends such as Vincent Kompany and David Silva.

The statue, which has been made by the sculptor Andrew Scott, has generated great expectation among his followers and colleagues from the world of football, some of whom have wanted to speak out through their social networks. In fact, there are many who believe that the sculpture does not faithfully reflect the image of the Kun Aguero and they make him more similar to another player, more specifically to Tony Kroos.

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The Real Madrid midfielder himself did not hold back when it came to speaking and thus, he answered the tweet of the ‘BBC’ sports journalist Simon Stone, who wrote the message: «Sergio is still here», along with the photo of the statue.

Neither short nor lazy, Tony Kroos quoted this tweet with a forceful and ironic question: «Are you sure?», in reference to its resemblance to this figure. A full-fledged ‘trolling’ that has generated laughter and a trail of comments among the users of this social network.