THE REVIEW | The Marlins already have a foundation to start building a competitive team

In a few weeks, the MLB offseason begins and one of the managements that will follow closely in its footsteps will be the Miami Marlins. The Florida team has been hinting at good things since last season and everything seems ready to form a more solid squad with the arrival of some figures, who join a base that has more experience and is already consolidated.

Let’s first talk about what they already have on their payroll and what makes them competitive in one of the toughest division in baseball. There is good starting pitching with Sandy Alcantara, rookie Trevor Rogers, Pablo Lopez and the still promising Jesus Luzardo. This group is joined by young arms such as those of Edward Cabrera and Sixto Sánchez, who are among the most prominent in the universe of promises in pitching.

Among everyday players, the Marlins have two players who have the wood to be stars at the highest level: Jesús Sánchez and Jazz Chilhom. The two of them will have the possibility of building a long career in the organization if they ratify the good they did in 2021. They are joined by a brood of veterans who keep the competitiveness alive in Miami: Miguel Rojas, Jesús Aguilar, Brian Anderson and Garrett Cooper, among others.

With this human group that they have in Miami, it is not enough to compete. But it is a solid base to finish assembling the puzzle. They have 3 reliable starters, with one that can be an ace; the center line is almost complete – they would lack a center fielder and a receiver who shares responsibilities with Jorge Alfaro – and there is power in Aguilar, Anderson and Cooper.

What are they missing? That is what we will try to answer.