The Rangers survive and shorten differences in their series

Three games, three home wins, which have served in the case of the New York Rangers close the gap and stay alive in the tie, and in the other two so that the teams have taken advantage of playing at home to get ahead in the series and have two chances to overcome the series.

Carter Verhaeghe he will remember the night his team led the comeback with his two goals and three assists, and in his own way he will too Sidney Crosby, after colliding with Jacob Trouba, He left the game to not return and his return to the tie is still pending evaluation.

The Madison fans began the night with songs of support for what they know is the pillar that supports them this season, Igor Shesterkinand that in the last two games in Pittsburgh he ended up savoring the bitter moment of giving up the goal to Georgiev.

That push from the New York parish seemed not to be enoughbecause the usual Jake Guentzel in the first period, and Kris Letang in the second they put those from Pennsylvania on the paved road to classification. An asphalt that was broken after the blow that Jacob Trouba gave to Sidney Crosbyleaving the captain and heart of the Pens out of the game.

A) Yes with the absence of Sid, the madness came to the party In the last five minutes, three goals in just over two minutes from Fox, Lafrenière (three games in a row scoring points) and Trouba turned the Madison crowd upside down. Bleeding that stopped before the break, of course, Guentzel leaving the score tied three.

But the game and the night had already taken the course towards the Rangersand in contrast to the veteran Pen, it was the young blueshirts who scored the winning goal, assist from Lafrenière finished off by Chityl decided the scorefinished off with Lindgren’s empty goal goal at the last minute.

The tie is still a stone’s throw from Pittsburgh who also returns to his ice, it remains to be seen how long Crosby’s absence is and how he can mark the ambitions of his team.

a match with two very different partsa first where Washington hit to bring the score to 3-0 which predicted a long night, still with 36 minutes left for the locals. Especially since the ability to come back that the Panthers had shown throughout the regular season seemed to have vanished in the playoffs.

But he who had, retained, in the second Florida was resurrectedand if someone was writing the chronicle of the match up to that moment with the bigoleador of the night, TJ Oshie as the protagonist and man of the match, he soon had to throw that article in the trash and restart putting the one who was going to appropriate that award on the pinnacle, Carter Verhaeghe.

Whether it was in the form of a goal (two) or an assist (three), the five goals with which the locals came from behind, counted on their participation. The cats once again showed that ability to recover on the scoreboard, that if it weren’t for how constant their display has been, it would seem like magic, they go ahead in the tie and put pressure on Ovechkin and his boys who will have to rely on their home to force a seventh game.

If already in the chronicle of the previous match of this series, a point of the tie was compared with the conquest of a centimeter of Normandy on D-Day, with each game that goes by, that point is as hard to come by as an inch of Iwo Jima defended by a Japanese platoon.

Another game of great physical displaygames in which the guerrilla game is the protagonist, although without being violent or dirty, which is turning this tie into an enjoyment for all those who love this type of hockey, which also has its public, and it is not little.

As in the previous two games of the night, it was the visitors who struck first to later be traced. Jason Robertson he opened the scoring for the Texans beyond the halfway point of the game, which with the shortness of the scores of the games in this series, no one was surprised that he could be the winner of the game.

But Calgary found its hero in a player who was expected long before the tie began, but who had not yet shown himself, Andrew Mangiapane.

Canadian from Ontario, Together with his partner Backlund they turned the score around in the third periodfinding the gaps in Oettinger’s goal, which until then had remained inviolate.

Goals he made worth Jacob Markstrom, that in a very clear play for Dallas, he frustrated the shot of the leader of the Stars, Joe Pavelskiwho does not lose face in a match no matter the circumstance.

More fighting, more physical, more hitting, more hockey, in the American Airlines Center, where locals will look for Game 7.