The owner of the Spurs stresses that the team will remain in San Antonio

Spurs owner Peter J. Holt has no intention of moving the team from its current location: San Antonio. The owner of the Texas franchise has sent a message of calm to fans after the rumor broke that he plans to move the team to Austin, a city where they plan to play some games in the coming months.

“I want to assure you that the Spurs are in San Antonio to stay. My family got involved with Spurs in the ’90s because there was a real threat of the team being moved. We wouldn’t let that happen then and we won’t let it happen now. There is no Spurs without the city and people of San Antonio,» he tweeted.

The issue came to the fore after the Bexar County government, which owns the AT&T where the Spurs play at home, expressed concern about the team’s request to play two home games at the new Moody’s. Center in Austin, which will host the University of Texas games. The team’s response, as with the idea of ​​playing a couple of games in Mexico, is that it is just a plan to expand the brand.