The ‘Kim’ revolutionize the networks

South Korea It is one of the most unknown selections of the world. It is one of those sets that gives meaning to the World Cup event. Football lovers await this tournament to see those teams that they do not follow regularly.

Everyone knows that the star of Korea it is Arethe striker of Tottenhamwho will have to play all the matches with a mask that protects his damaged eye.

Nevertheless, What has surprised the most about the Korean lineup is that the goalkeeper and the four defenders share a name (KIM). That is to say, the defensive plot depends on the ‘Kim’. If it were a futsal team it would be ‘Kim’. Sometimes, viewers say that «I wish there were eleven Messior eleven ronaldoand although that will not be able to be, in Korea They can always say that they have 5 Kim, half a team. ‘Kimista’ Korea falls under the group H beside Uruguay, Portugal Y Ghana. Although a priori she is Cinderella, thanks to this curiosity she now has the support of all neutral viewers. When in doubt, Kim.