The end of the Belgian golden generation

Lukaku’s tears were the tears of all BelgiansBecause a golden generation is coming to an end, because in a country of 11 million people a generation of fantastic players came together who led the FIFA ranking for 4 years in a row, because they never met expectations, because in the last World Cup they were third , and finally because today, hThey have been left out of the group stage after Croatia and Morocco.

The World Cup for the Belgians began with a rarefied atmosphere, Egypt He hit a bath in the friendly prior to the tournament and began to set off the alarms of the ‘Red Devils’. Despite this, he remained an anecdote as it was a friendly but the ‘rún-rún’ stayed in the Belgians’ dressing room.

The atmosphere inside the locker room already started strange before the tournament began. his star, Kevin De Bruyne, ruled out his team for being ‘too old’and according to the midfielder

«our moment to win the tournament was 4 years ago». These statements fell like a bomb on the older players, and the truth is that the average age of Belgium (27.8 years old), it was the second highest of the entire tournament.

This tension exploded after the tough defeat against Morocco, Jan Vertonghen he indirectly referred to his partner’s words: «I guess we attacked badly because we are too old up front as well.» Total break in the locker room.

After the same match, a fight was leaked between Hazard Y vertonghen that had to stop lukakubesides the enmity between De Bruyne and Courtois They had not spoken for a long time due to personal issues.

Roberto Martinez he muddled through by stating that «sThese tensions between the locker room are normal, we are hurt by the defeat«But everything seems to be that the atmosphere among the Belgians had been touched for a long time and it exploded at the worst moment.

Today we say goodbye to the generation of vertonghen Y alderweireldthe defensive leaders, the De Bruyne and Witselthe star and his squire, and that of Hazardwhich has been missing for a while, and that of lukaku that has been diminished in the tournament by injuries.

A group of stars that always aimed higher than it arrived, because you went through line by line and they had big names, but they have never managed to raise anything. The greatest Belgian achievement has been close the 2018 World Cup podiumbut honestly, I think that we all have fallen short of a bronze in a World Cup with the great squad they have had in recent years.

The future will tell if Belgium will be able to have a generation as good as the one lived, Bob assured in a press conference that thanks to these players Belgian football has been able to grow and set an example for the small generations. That thanks to these stars it has been possible to build some great facilities in Belgium that will be able to help future promises to reach the top, and perhaps achieve what their heroes did not achieve.

And perhaps, that is the greatest victory of this generation, laying the foundations and serving as an example to show that the Belgian team is at the top of World Cup football, a goal that the recently fallen almost achieved.