The Drama of Furiani: the reason why soccer will no longer be able to be played in France on May 5

Soccer, the most played sport in the world, will have a ban day in France. The Furiani Drama It was reason enough for the French Parliament to take the decision that, as a tribute, professional football will not be able to be played on 5 May.

But, What is the Drama of Furiani? One has to go back to May 5, 1992, the day on which one of the greatest tragedies to hit football occurred. The Olympique de Marseille was at that time the great team of France and, in a semi-final of the French Cup against the Bastia It was decided to put some extra stands to increase the capacity of the stadium by 50%.

That decision was made by Bastia to attract more public, taking advantage of the Marseille pull, which was approved by the local authorities, in a decision that ended up changing football in France. During the match, the extra stands collapsed and 19 people lost their lives and another 2,300 were injured.. The Armand-Cesari, Bastia stadium, was almost in rubble and had to be repaired over the years, while in France it was decided that the Cup Final would not be played due to the tragedy that occurred.