The clause that Haaland saves to leave City

The Manchester City confirmed last Tuesday that it has reached an agreement with the Borussia Dortmund for the transfer of Erling Haland for 60 million euros, the price of the clause that the Norwegian had to be able to leave the German club. The citizen club is now finalizing with the player’s representatives the terms of the contract for the next five years, in which he will receive about 20 million net for each of them.

In recent days there had been speculation about the possibility that Haland He would have included a clause to be able to leave City if any club put 150 million euros on the table. the german newspaper bild has published today that the existence of said clause is true. According to the aforementioned information, the clause could be activated, if the footballer himself wishes, before the third of his five-year contract.

Haland and his environment thus repeat the formula used when he signed his contracts with the red bull salzburg and the Borussia Dortmund. With the Austrian club he agreed to leave him for 20 million euros and with the German entity for 60 million euros. Haland wants to be the owner of his destiny and keep the option of being able to leave the Manchester City for 150 million euros.

This situation favors the intentions of the real Madrid to be able to tie the forward in the future. The white club has considered trying to sign him this summer since he learned that Haland I didn’t want to stay one more season in Dortmundwhich was the intention of the whites.