The Brazil-Argentina resolution goes a long way

FIFA’s resolution on the suspension of the Brazil – Argentina will not be imminent. Moreover, and as Mundo Deportivo has learned, it is a long process that will never have an outcome in the coming weeks. You have not had it in this October window and it may not be known in the November window. It is going to be a long procedure where right now the AFA (Argentine Football Federation) and the CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation) are pending the determination of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee, once they have already sent their corresponding allegations before possible.

A procedure where the FIFA report and even the arbitration figure, who is ultimately responsible for the suspension of the match, will also be key. And where article 14 of the FIFA Disciplinary Code may be essential relating to the non-celebration of a match and its suspension. The wording reads as follows: «If a match cannot be played or cannot be played in its entirety for reasons that are not force majeure, but are derived from the conduct of one of the teams or conduct for which a federation is responsible or a club, the federation or club will be penalized with a fine of at least CHF 10,000. Defeat will be declared by withdrawal or resignation, or the match will be replayed. «

In this line, the repetition of the meeting, the president of CONMEBOL, Alejandro Domínguez, declared yesterday. In a radio interview he bets on the repetition of the duel.

There are many questions that FIFA must answer in this procedure. Is it or is it not a major cause for four players to enter the field to remove you with the game started? Is it reason enough for Argentina to leave the meeting?

But then the following question arises: Who is more responsible in their conduct ?, as the article itself continues to state. Is the Argentine federation more responsible with its withdrawal from the field or the Brazilian one allowing four people to enter the field with the meeting? Why didn’t you avoid this when you were at the hotel or just after you got to the field?

And then there is whether in this case the regulations of CONMEBOL that allows the transit of players over and above the Brazilian national laws. It is clear that the decision that FIFA has is not easy but the key will revolve around this article.

Last window with three games in CONMEBOL

This CONMEBOL selection window is the last with three matches for the South American teams. The last national team break of the year will take place next November with only two dates of qualifying matches for the Qatar World Cup. It is about November 11 and 16. For this last day, the Argentina-Brazil return duel is precisely scheduled. And the same by then the first leg remains unresolved.