The 76ers plan to keep Doc Rivers and James Harden

Despite the recent elimination at the hands of the Miami Heat, the 76ers don’t seem to have any intention of going crazy this summer. Despite the fact that Doc Rivers has been discussed as a coach and that James Harden has been far from having the expected impact, Daryl Morey, president of franchise operations, has assured that they intend to continue counting on them next year and that they are confident of going far with the current project.

«I think he’s a great coach,» he said of Rivers. «I love working with him, I have the feeling that I learn a lot by his side. Elton Brand (general manager), Doc and I made a great team. We are going to see how far this journey takes us, but I think it will take us very far. We are going to have very good chances of winning a title.”

As for Harden, Morey stressed that he is confident that, now that the season will begin in the franchise (if his continuity is confirmed), he can adapt better and perform at a higher level: «He is a very talented player, as are Joel Embid and Tobias Harris. I’m excited that Doc and his team are going to have an entire preseason to work with the players and develop the ideal system for this squad. When you finish putting together the team in February it becomes difficult to fit all the pieces and make everyone shine together.

«The plan is for him to come back,» he continued regarding La Barba. “That has been our idea since we made the transfer. Obviously we have work to do with his representative and we will have to work out the terms. But there is no doubt that he is a very talented player and I am sure that we will find a way to take advantage of his virtues ».

The escort has a player option of 47.3 million dollars this summer, a figure that is hard to imagine rejecting. However, it is possible that, similar to what Chris Paul did last year, he could pass up that option to sign a longer contract even if it brings him less annual income. Perhaps this is what Morey is referring to when talking about the work to be done with his representative, since it does not seem that, given his recent performance, the 76ers want to offer Harden the super maximum to which he aspires due to status.

(Cover photo: Michael Reaves/Getty Images)