The 3 marks that Miguel Cabrera will reach the fastest in the 2022 MLB season

Miguel Cabrera is going to a new campaign in the MLB in 2022 with several important marks for his baseball career in his sights. The Venezuelan will not have to wait long to achieve 3 records that will give him more luster as he passes through the majors.

The slugger born in Maracay already has an important conquest for these final years of his sports life: the 500 home runs. Now he goes for more.

Miguel Cabrera will accumulate 3,000 hits and 500 home runs

Miguel Cabrera will start next year’s regular season with 2,987 career hits in baseball. In other words, the Venezuelan is only 13 hits away from the goal of 3,000 and is expected to reach it in the first month of the regular round. When he does, he will be the first Venezuelan to reach this goal.