St. Louis Blues advance to second round

Of the four qualifiers that had a chance to close on Thursday night, only the one between Minnesota and St. Louis went to term, both Toronto and Los Angeles had their chance to join the Missouri, but Tampa Bay and Edmonton turned the games around to force Game 7.

Only Boston Bruins made it clear to the Carolina Hurricanes that if they wanted the playoff, it wouldn’t be by violating the sanctity of their home and they would have to earn it in Raleigh.

The first game of the night did not deviate from the general script of this series, local victory, without any visitor option to have won the game, and taking into account all of the above, the Bruins forced the seventh game without going through the risk of elimination within 60 minutes.

Brad Marchand and Charlie Coyle with his goal and assist by beard and jeremy swayman who returned to armor his goal against the Canes, took the individual lights within the good collective work of his team.

Now it’s time to wait if that seventh game in Raleigh will follow the usual pattern, which the Canes will undoubtedly want, or if the special tension of such a decisive game weighs heavily and some veteran Bruins eat the toast of some less experienced Hurricanes.

(3) Tampa Bay Lightning 4-3 Toronto Maple Leafs (OT) (3)

If there is a tie that deserves a seventh game, it is this one that pits the current champions against one of the teams that aspires to dethrone them. The Lightning had the support of the public of the Amalie Sand and the amazing resilience of the team that hasn’t lost two straight playoff games in the previous 15 times they’ve faced the situation.

Y the party seemed to follow that storythe Bolts started strong although they did not finish finding the hole in the goal of Jack Campbell, but finally Ondrej Palat He ended up opening the scoring and putting the Bolts ahead.

But in this dance there are two participants, and the Leafs began to show their fang in the second periodbut the hockey gods were with Tampa and Anthony Cirelli, he broke open with an underdog on the only time the Leafs enjoyed a power play and seemed to give the Canadians a hammer blow.

But the gods have the privilege of being capricious, and the direction of the party was changed. Not even a minute passed when Austin Matthews he recovered the spirit of his team leaving a single goal away.

With the stitched wound that has not healed, the Leafs surrounded a Vasilevskiy who seemed to lack a security point, and at the last minute, John Tavares He took the lead to his team with two consecutive goals.

The third period was consuming and the Bolts could not find the goal, but finally Nikita Kucherov, in the exchange of great appearances by great players from both teams, he took the match to extra time. An extension that could have been avoided BrandonHagel, that with the open goal, he was not able to introduce the puck into it.

An extra time in which Tampa Bay met again with the best Vasilevskiy just in time, the wall that he put in his goal, allowed his teammates, specifically a regular of these moments, Brayden Point, scoring the third game-winning goal in playoff overtime of his career.

Reasons for optimism on both sides of the face to that Game 7, the Bolts, because they know how to play under pressure, and the Leafs, because they are better than last year and stronger when it comes to defeating their ghosts, and besides, they haven’t lost two consecutive games in this Serie.

Dean Evason placed Cam Talbot under the tubes of Minnesotahoping that with the change of goalkeeper, the tie would change the inertia of dominance by the Blues, very similar to what was shown in the regular season, and that the Wild showed that it was possible to break in the first part of it , even commanding the general score of the series.

But St. Louis put the direct and the goals fell one after another in the Minnesota goal, while Jordan Binnington solved the work that was coming to his goal, redeeming himself from the black stage in the postseason that has haunted him until these last three games since he won the Stanley Cup of 2019.

The visiting final rush only served to snatch the clean sheet award for Binnington and the final siren led to the traditional handshake.

Now The Blues face a harder nut to crack, Colorado Avalanche in the second round of the playoffs.

Difficult ballot for Edmonton after falling in extra time in the fifth game at home, giving the Los Angeles Kings not only the opportunity, but the belief that they could take this tie. And maybe in previous seasons that would have been the result, but the oil tankers, and specifically his captain, Connor MacDavid, was not for the job.

Connor MacDavid Y Evander Kane, the other great star of the night for Edmonton, after a pass from the second, the captain at 1:40, already put his team ahead with an encircling maneuver on Quick’s goal to which the veteran could not respond quickly enough goalkeeper. Then also before the second period reached two minutes, it was the reborn Kane who doubled the Oilers lead.

But angelenos have got rid of any kind of complex in this series and despite the party control of Jay Woodcroft’s men, those of his former boss Todd McLellan, they were able to bring the tie to two just at the beginning of the third period.

But what was said, the stars are out to shine and with primary assistance from Draisaitl and secondary assistance from MacDavid, Tyson Barrie took home the award for the game-winning goalfinished off by the goal to empty goal that with his fingers reminded the entire Los Angeles public that one more day would be played, that there would be a game number seven in Edmonton.

Whether the current talent from Edmonton or the future from Los Angeles prevails in that match, the luckiest of us, fans of good hockey, will be witnesses.