Simeone shows his most intimate side

Olé will publish an interview with Diego Pablo Simeone in the next few hours, and has left a small preview on his social networks.


Atlético de Madrid coach Diego Pablo Simeone gives instructions during a match.

Juan Carlos Hidalgo / EFE

Diego Pablo Simeone He has given an interview to the newspaper Olé for its 25th anniversary in which he has shown his most intimate side. In the advance that the newspaper has shown through social networks, the technician of the Atlético de Madrid He talks about his day-to-day life when he stops working.

Some statements in which he explains that «there are few who know the person. I have a normal, family life. I am very close to mine. I do not have many friends, many good friends. My day to day is normal. We get up and We left for the girls’ school, first we left one and then another. Soccer is consumed by a large part of our daily lives, but then we live in a wonderful country that is Spain that offers you various plans «.

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