Simeone: «I called Suárez to find out if Messi could come to Atlético»

Diego Pablo Simeone has recognized the Argentine newspaper Ole who thought of signing Leo Messi when it became official that the Argentine forward had to leave the FC Barcelona last August. The technician of the Atlético de Madrid explained the possibility that existed for the Argentine star to arrive at the rojiblanco club with his friend Luis Suarez. For this the Cholo opted for a first contact, taking advantage of the friendship that unites Leo with his former teammate at Barça Luis Suarez.

“I’ll tell you a detail, now with what happened in Barcelona we called Luis (Suárez). With all due respect, I did not call Leo, but I did call Luis to ask how Messi was doing, if he was eager or if there was a minimal possibility of coming to Atlético. Something that lasted three hours, because already the PSG he was obsessed with that incorporation. If it was something? No, not at all, you see the plane passing through the sky and you say here it comes, well (laughs) ”, declared Simeone.

The Cholo continued to analyze the option of having under his command Messi sometime. “There were no situations to direct him. He was always in the Barcelona, I in Spain at Atlético and the national team do not coincide as players. But to me, he transmits that to me. If you ask me where you have to play Messi, I tell you in a team that wants to win. On a team that knows what it has to do to win. It doesn’t matter what he plays, it matters that the team is prepared to win. Don’t think about him, think about the team ”, he highlighted.