Sergio Ramos, Real Madrid target?

Sergio Ramos He has barely played the equivalent of one game, in three different chapters with the shirt of the Paris Saint Germain, to which he arrived half a year ago harassed by injuries and by precaution to avoid relapses.

The central defender, who turns 36 in March, is having a hard time imposing his legendary stature on the banks of the Seine, although the club knows that his contribution can be key in the decisive moments of the competition and, above all, in the League of Champions, maximum objective of the Qatari owners.

Therefore, everything is prepared for you bouquets be in top form next February 15, the date of the first leg of the Champions League round of 16 against Real Madrid, the club where he forged his myth.

«We live in the present planning the future,» the coach responds this Friday, Mauricio Pochettino, in a cryptic way, without giving many clues about the veteran player, who has been training for weeks with the rest of his teammates but who did not play, due to a technical decision, the last duel against lyons.

You have to go «little by little», says Pochettino

The lesson is that, with bouquets, you have to go «little by little», says the Argentine strategist, who wants more than anyone to have the experience and personality of the Andalusian, but who at the beginning of the season already saw how the precipitation did nothing but delay his contest.

Ramos debuted with the shirt of the PSG in Saint-Etienne last November 28. He completed 90 minutes and his physique suffered. He did not return until December 19 to play half time in a Cup match against a third division team and five days later entered the second half against the Lorient, before being sent off with five minutes remaining.

The spectators of the Parc des Princes have not yet been able to enjoy one of the most notorious signings of this season and although his name was somewhat overshadowed by the arrival of Leo Messi, its popularity is still high.

His absence against lyons, an important match for Parisians, denotes that bouquets He is not yet a key piece in the dressing room and the coach does not want any more mistakes.

«The demands are demanding in the present», assures the coach, who recalls that Bouquets «It comes from great inactivity, for many months.»

Will he play this Saturday?

This Saturday in front of Brest, bouquets could have the opportunity to add minutes of play, the first before his public. The decision is in the hands of the coach.

In the diary ‘The Parisien‘ the former coach of PSG Luis Fernandez do not hesitate to point to bouquets as the best of the three central defenders of the team and, therefore, the maximum candidate to play the key games.

It may not be there to play all the duels, but those indicated on the calendar and the next one will be special for bouquets, because the rival, the Real Madrid, still has a space in your heart.