Sean Marks seeks more commitment from Kyrie Irving

Brooklyn is heading towards a summer that seems key in the future of the current project. When in 2019 they signed Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, the New Yorkers had a clear path to follow. They would have to wait an entire season to see Durantula play, but from then on they were seen as a favorite for the ring. Well, in three years they have not come close to achieving it. Whether for one reason or another (injuries, pandemic, vaccines…) the team has never been formed as such, and of course, it is difficult to be successful that way; as the Celtics have shown by sweeping them in the first round of the playoffs.

Now it’s time to put the pieces back together. Durant agreed to a four-year, $198 million extension in August 2021, so the project is clearly about him. There is no such certainty with Kyrie Irving. What happened this course, in which he has only played 29 games because he did not want to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, has not gone down well with the management. When James Harden asked for the transfer, one of the reasons put on the table was Kyrie’s behavior. It is obvious that the organization does not want to stop counting on him, but neither does it continue forward as if nothing had happened.

In the Nets they have felt that there has been some lack of commitment from Irving with the team, and that is exactly what they now want to see. The point guard has a player option worth 37 million dollars, but perhaps he would be more interested in closing and an extension that could go up to four years and 185 million dollars. The player recently stated that he wants to stay with the Nets; different issue is that they see it so clearly.

“I think the discussions are going to go in that direction. This is a team sport and you need everyone on the court, «says the organization’s general manager, Sean Marks, about a possible renewal that would be linked to an evaluation of the point guard’s dedication to the game as long as he is not injured.

Although all the questions fall on Irving, the Brooklyn executive prefers not to personalize when he speaks something clearer. According to his words, it is not about doing an exam to the point guard, but about demanding the same from each and every one of the players who are part of the 2022-23 academic year squad.

«We’re looking for guys who want to come here and be a part of something bigger than themselves, play selflessly, play team basketball and be available for it. And that goes not just for Kyrie, but for everyone here. «What motivates them? Do you want to be part of this? Are they motivated by something that might not be good for the whole team? Those are questions that we will have to ask ourselves and also the players that we want to bring back », he sentences.

(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)