Robinson Canó lost $34.4 million for his two MLB suspensions

Robinson Canó is a free agent in the MLB and could sign with any team in the coming days. Beneficiary of a multi-million dollar contract, the Dominican was suspended twice in the past for the use of prohibited substances. These punishments meant him not playing a season and a half along with the loss of 34.4 million dollars.

Canó’s first sanction for drug use was in the 2018 season. On that occasion he belonged to the Seattle Mariners and because it was his first suspension for using steroids, he was punished with 80 games, just under half a season.

Officially Robinson Canó has been released by the Mets, after going through the waivers process and not being claimed by any team. Canó is now a free agent.

– Antonio Puesán (@antoniopuesan) May 8, 2022

The MLB took away from Canó in 2018 a total of 10,322,560 million dollars, the amount that corresponded to the total number of suspended games.

The second penalty for the Dominican infielder was stronger. He was already a member of the New York Mets when it was revealed in November 2020 that he tested positive for a second time in a doping control test. This caused him to be suspended for the entire 2021 season and a $24 million loss.

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The Baltimore #Orioles interested in the services of Robinson Cano. According to reports, in the next few hours they will be meeting with their agent.

– Sammy Cabral (@SammyCabralRD) May 10, 2022

The account is very clear. Born in San Pedro de Macorís and a multimillionaire for his sports career. Robinson Canó today has $30 million less in his bank accounts because of his misconduct.