Ricardo Pepi rejected these teams to play in Augsburg

The German newspaper Bild revealed the proposals that the striker rejected Ricardo Pepi to sign for him augsburg and play in the Bundesliga.

According to the aforementioned media, the 19-year-old American attacker was one step away from playing in the premier league English.

wolverhampton Y Chelsea they were very close to buying the ex-soccer player from FC Dallas, who last weekend added his first minutes in German football. augsburg fell 3 to 1 against TSG Hoffenheim as a visitor.

What led to the jewel of the Major League Soccer to decide for the Bundesliga? The answer, according to the Bild report, has to do with adaptation and continuity. Pepi would have considered going to the premier league risked his participation in the selected one of the U.S.

The former forward of Dallas he judged it inconvenient to arrive in England in the middle of the season. It is known, the premier league It is considered the most difficult league in the world.

Join a team as Chelsea eight months after the start of Qatar 2022, with a long stretch of Qualifiers ahead, was a very high risk for Ricardo Pepi.

In view of EintrachtFrankfurt, match scheduled for Sunday, January 16, Ricardo Pepi could be a starter for the first time with the shirt of the FC Augsburg. Showing up, adding minutes, will be vital for the attacker, who is risking his inclusion in the USMNT squad list for duels against El Salvador, Canada Y Honduras.

The American, who in 2021 converted fifteen goals with FC Dallas, will try to help his new team stay in the Bundesliga. Your sale to augsburg set a record in Major League Soccer. It was the most expensive transfer in league history. The Germans paid 20 million dollars for his pass. His contract links him to his new club until June 2026.