Referee Salima Rhadia Mukansanga makes history again

The Rwandan Salima Rhadia Mukansanga, FIFA international referee, added a new chapter to her history and that of sport by becoming the first woman to be part of the refereeing team in a match of the Africa Cup of Nations, in the victory of Guinea about Malawi (1-0) last Monday.

No woman had been part of a refereeing team in the Africa Cup of Male Nations. Mukansanga forever engraved his name in the history of African football. The referee continues to lead the way and broaden the horizons in football on a continental and international level.

The 33-year-old Rwanda was the fourth referee of the match, thus enlarging her legend in the refereeing world, in which she began as a professional in 2012. She was the first woman to referee in a match of the Africa Cup It is probably the greatest achievement of her sports career, but the young African treasures more than one feat in the world of football.

Refereeing in Tokyo 2020

Without going any further, last summer, during the Tokyo 2020 Games, she became the first Rwandan to lead an Olympic meeting. His debut at the Games occurred in the match he won England 2-0 before chili, from the group stage. In the same way, it also holds the recognition of being the first Rwandan to participate in a Women’s World Cup, which was played in France in 2019.

Extensive experience in international competitions

Mukansanga It is common in large tournaments, as he has extensive experience in international competitions. The referee has participated, in addition to those already mentioned, in the Algarve Cup – a friendly preparatory tournament for World Cups and Europeans that takes place in Portugal -, the Women’s U-20 Championship of the African Football Confederation (CAF) in 2017, the Women’s Championship 2018 CAF U-17 and U-17 Women’s World Cup (Uruguay, 2018).

From your official account Twitter, CAF praised the achievement of the young referee: «History. Salima Rhadia Mukansanga becomes the first woman to referee in an Africa Cup of Nations match. Making women proud. Making Africa proud.»