Pochettino reaches out to Ramos

These are not easy times for Sergio Ramos. Used to feeling important, he is now experiencing an ordeal due to the muscular problems that he has dragged on for months and that prevent him from making his debut with PSG: “He is suffering because not being able to train with his teammates is not a pleasant situation, but mentally he is a boy strong. At the club we support him so that he can overcome this situation as soon as possible, «he said. Pochettino.

To the loss of the former Real Madrid player, we must add those of the South Americans, who do not arrive in time in Paris to play tomorrow against Angers: “It frustrates us not having all the players and we have to work between all the organizations to be able to compete in equal conditions. In any case, I am not looking to make excuses. The group is large and we will try to perform as we should, ”the Argentine stressed when addressing the problem between FIFA and the clubs.

PSG faces tomorrow’s match in Ligue 1 with the intention of turning the page on the defeat in Rennes: “We haven’t had time to talk about that accident because many footballers have not returned yet. It was a disappointment, but I think anyone is aware that it was not a good afternoon. When the sum of individualities does not work, the collective performance is affected ”, he analyzed Pochettino in the press room.

The PSG coach repeated the same that in the interview he gave yesterday to the COPE Party in relation to Neymar’s possible withdrawal: “He is a sincere guy who expresses his feelings naturally. Since he was little he has been under the media spotlight but I have no doubt that he will want to play for many more years. His passion is still intact ”, he reflected. Pochettino on the Brazilian, criticized at the beginning of the season in France.