Phoenix makes it 3-2 against Dallas with a scandalous second half

Has anyone doubted the Suns after losing back-to-back nights in Texas? There could be. But for them, for those who believe they can collapse, last night they gave away 24 minutes of almost unmatched basketball to win 110-80 and make it 3-2 in the tie.

By the final score it seems that it was a breeze for Phoenix, and it is not far from being true, only half. In a clash it seemed vital for both, the first part was dominated by equality while it was the Mavericks who had small advantages that did not exceed eight points. When the break came, the Suns had already reacted, so much so that they won by three points; yes, no one could expect what would happen after going through changing rooms.

Showing the power that is presupposed to a team that has achieved 64 wins in the regular season, Phoenix came out with not one, but several more gears to play the second half. The proof of this is that for five minutes they left Dallas dry to sign a 17-0 run that made them 68-50 on the scoreboard. The Mavs tried to react, but it was too late. From that moment the difference did not stop growing to end up losing in Arizona by up to 30 points. The partial in the second half was 61-34.

“The only thing we didn’t do very well today was keeping our pace. In the last two games our rhythm was very good. I think they are one of the best defensive teams, if not the best, in the NBA. They kept us at 80 points; that’s pretty impressive. We have to move the ball and have a better rhythm, be faster », comments Luka Doncic, who concluded his performance with a double-double of 28 points and 11 rebounds. The Slovenian was not bad, but he only found collaboration in Jalen Brunson’s 21 goals and Davis Bertans’ 10 from the bench.

Fine-tuning in detail

In seven-game series one can start very well, but if he doesn’t know how to adapt to what the rival proposes, he can quickly find himself on the ropes. That is why the hand of the coach is so important in the playoffs. Knowing how to read what is happening and adjusting to it seems key, especially in 2-2 situations in the tie. That’s just what Monty Williams has done. The new Coach of the Year gave his boys the keys to go from being outmatched in Game 4 to ending up overcoming his rival in Game 5. It’s not me, it’s Devin Booker.

“We study the videos. The coach comes with adjustments and we follow them and put them into practice », comments the shooting guard, who was the top scorer for his team with a total of 28 points to which he added 7 rebounds.

In addition to Booker, in Arizona, the 20 points and 9 rebounds of DeAndre Ayton in just 22 minutes stood out, as well as the 14 points contributed by both Mikal Bridges and Cameron Johnson, the latter from the bench.

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)