Ousseni Bouda, the Burkinabe who did not sleep before turning professional and who was chosen by San José Earthquakes

In his first selection of the Superdraft, San Jose Earthquakes it did not go very far geographically and stayed with the Burkinabe winger Ousseni Bouda, 21 years old and one of the eight players featured in Generation Adidas.

“5 in the morning and I can’t sleep. My dream will come true and I am going to become a professional soccer player. I am so grateful to so many people ”, the forward had tweeted in the prelude to the SuperDraft.

With the general selection in position Nº8, Bouda He will not have a move of many kilometers since after two seasons at Stanford University and after being considered one of the most dynamic forwards in the NCAA, he disembarks in the San José franchise for his professional debut.

«I know the Earthquakes better than any other MLS team because they’re so close to Stanford. I’ve been to several games, I have teammates who will also be on the team. I am very happy and very excited to be chosen by the Earthquakes. I have a flight tomorrow to San Francisco. So I’m excited to get there as soon as I can and just get to work. Now I am a professional soccer player, I can play for a great organization. I literally can’t wait to get in and get started, «said the West African native of Burkina Faso.

The forward, identified by the Right to Dream Academy of Ghana, moved to the U.S to play in the Millbrook School in the state of New York, where he scored 156 goals in 82 games, which earned him the Gatorade Player of the Year award and a scholarship to Stanford.

«I can play either side, far left, far right, up too, which I played at Stanford in a 4-4-2. But I would consider myself a winger who can play both sides, preferably left or even right. I think that what the fans can expect from me is a player who is alive, has a lot of speed, can lead people and who brings a lot of creativity in front of the goal, «added the player in his first words after being chosen.

Moving to Saint Joseph will allow you to Bouda reuniting with a couple of his college teammates: defender Tanner Beason and midfielder Will Richmond, who signed with the Earthquakes on Monday.