Olympique de Lyon announces that Amel Majri is pregnant

Olympique de Lyon has announced that one of its stars, the 28-year-old French international Amel Majri, she is pregnant The club’s official account congratulated the player this morning for the «happy arrival» in an exemplary message to normalize this situation in women’s football.

Amel Majri She will thus become a pioneer of French women’s football, as she will be the first to have a child during her active career. The club revealed this Friday that Majri (66 international matches, 11 goals with the national team) has already communicated her pregnancy this week to the club’s management, the coaching staff and her teammates.

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«The footballer will be closely monitored by the club’s medical staff to calmly continue her pregnancy and the rehabilitation of her left knee, since she underwent surgery last October after a rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament and the external lateral ligament» , specifies the Olympique press release.

Majri She is recovering from a serious injury to her left knee suffered on October 1 that already kept her away from the playing fields, so the club no longer had her for the second leg of the League or for the final matches of the Champions.

It should be noted that before Majri, the Icelandic Sara Björk Gunnarsdottir gave birth to a boy on November 16 and returned to team discipline on January 5. The Icelandic player returned with the intention of earning a place with the coach Sonia Bombastor, with which he has not yet trained, after spending the first months of his son in Iceland with his family. Thus, he will return to work ten months after his last meeting.