Nike breaks with Spartak Moscow

The Russian club announces that the North American brand stops sponsoring them because they will not participate in the Champions League next season

Nike has broken its sponsorship with Spartak Moscow

Nike has broken its sponsorship with Spartak Moscow


The Moscow Spartaka club in the Russian Premier League, affirms this Thursday that Nike has terminated his sponsorship agreement with the team because he will not participate in European competitions next season. Echoes of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

UEFA, the governing body for European football, decided that Russia would not have affiliated teams participating in its club competitions in the 2022-23 season due to Moscow’s military invasion of Ukraine. Spartak, who have been sponsored by Nike since 2005, explain that they are now looking for a new supplier for their teams.

The Europa League round of 16 matches between Spartak and RB Leipzig were called off in February after UEFA suspended all Russian clubs from their competitions.

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