«Neymar’s latest statements are horrible for PSG»

Jerome Rothe, ex of the Parisian team, criticizes that ‘Ney’ has said that next year will be his last World Cup and accuses him of «lack of responsibility»

Neymar announced that next year's World Cup will be the last he plays

Neymar announced that next year’s World Cup will be the last he plays


Jerome Rothen, former midfielder of PSG (2004-10), criticized the fact that Neymar He came out to say days ago that the 2022 World Cup would be his last. The Brazilian is not going through his best moment and in Paris he has been criticized for months.

«His latest statements are horrible for PSG. He is going through a bad stage and is showing a lack of commitment to the club. Neymar is a fabulous player when he is in shape, the problem is that he is going through a bad stage. He lacks courage», He says.

«The love he has for Brazil is clear, he wants to win the World Cup. His last chance will be in Qatar, a year from now. But I have to remind him of his duties. When you are a player of this level, an iconic figure for a club does more of four years and where you have already decided to finish your degree, you cannot say this. I hope they do not give him an ethics bonus for statements like this. He has to face his responsibilities, «he said.

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