Naglesmann: «Lewandowski has to win the Ballon d’Or»

Robert Lewandowski is among the favorites for the Ballon d’Or along with Jorginho, Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Benzemto. Current winner of the FIFA World Player, the Pole was left without that award last year and for many he should be the winner.

Between them for Julian Naglesmann. «He would have deserved the Ballon d’Or last year and, in my opinion, he also has to win it now as he has played more consistently than anyone over the past three years,» the Bayern Munich coach made clear to Abendzeitung.

All this happens while there are rumors of the possible arrival of Haaland to the team. However, Naglesmann believes that «if your body stays like this, it is far from over. He is extremely dynamic, he has no injuries, he can train a lot … I am confident that he will play at the highest level for a few more years. Align your life to be in the best possible shape. »