«MLS doesn’t need Messi to grow, but I would sign him»

A few days ago the statements of one of the MLS coaches on Leo Messi. Miguel Ángel Ramírez claimed that the American league does not need a star so to grow. However, she wanted to qualify her words.

The coach of MLS Charlotte F.C. commented that «as an impact on society, It is not necessary for Messi to reach the MLS» and explained that «not only Latinos come to the US«.

«More and more kids are playing soccer in the United States. There has been a paradigm shift in this country. people tell me that neither basketball nor american football have achieved what football has achievedMichelangelo added.

However, after a misinterpretation of your wordsthe former coach of Independiente del Valle wanted to come out last Tuesday to clarify that he wants «Messi come to the MLS» and that «if it is to the Charlotte, better«.

“What I said is that change is already happening in MLS. There were more than 32,000 fans on Saturday and we don’t have Messi or Cristiano. We have a young team that leaves everything for the club. We don’t have a big name here and we had over 32,000 people supporting us. That’s what I meant,» she concluded.