Miguel Cabrera is on track to surpass David Ortiz in home runs in the MLB

Miguel Cabrera will start the 2022 season with 502 career home runs in the Major Leagues. The Venezuelan will increase this figure and his goal, although he does not say so, could be to exceed the 541 full-round hits of David Ortiz, another of the Latinos who are a figure in baseball.

For the Detroit Tigers player, however, it does not seem like an easy goal to reach those 541 Big Papi homers. To do so, he has to be injury-free and play two more seasons.

Those 39 homers that separate Cabrera from Ortiz could be surpassed in two years. In a 2022 in which he will have less pressure because he has already passed the 500 stakes, he could have the wind in his favor to release a good part of that amount.

Then, if he manages to stay healthy and fit to play in 2023, he would have another entire campaign to reach the goal.