Michael Jordan Supports Vaccination: «I Strongly Believe in Science»

Amid all the uproar caused by the refusal of some NBA players to get vaccinated, Michael Jordan was questioned in an interview with Craig Melvin of NBC on the protocols established by the NBA and vaccination against the coronavirus. This was his reply.

«I am not concerned at all (the protocols). I am totally in unison with the league. It’s true that everyone, you know, has been talking about vaccines. I really believe in science and, you know, I’m going to stick with that and hopefully everyone will abide by the rules that the league sets. Once everyone chooses that path, we will be fine, «he says.

The NBA legend avoids sending a direct message encouraging people to get vaccinated, but he does make it clear that this dispute between deniers and vaccine advocates has him on the second side. Ensuring that you fully trust science is a big step at the public level.

Beyond your words, your actions precede you. In February, he donated $ 10 million to open two family clinics in his home county of North Carolina, where COVID-19 vaccines have been administered. In addition, he recently promised to donate 100 million dollars to place for racial equality. Jordan is clear that this is the way to make a change possible.

Actions make things happen faster than words. I can say many different things, but my actions are what I want to make a difference, «he concludes.

(Photograph by Richard Heathcote / Getty Images)