Miami gets into the Eastern finals to the rhythm of Jimmy Butler

Miami Heat is the first team qualified for the conference finals of the 2022 playoffs. The Florida franchise, displaying its solidity, closed its tie against the 76ers last night by winning in Philadelphia at the hands of Jimmy Butler, who left until the 32 points to make it clear that he is the leader of a group whose only objective is the ring – they are getting closer and closer.

About the sixth game that we lived last night, the truth is that it had two very different parts. In the first, equality prevailed and neither team achieved a great income. In the second the Heat took command with authority thanks to an initial run of 19-4 that gave them a lead of up to 16 points. It was too hard a blow for the Sixers, who could not recover from it at any time. They have fought the series, but Miami has been just better.

(Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)