Mess in Brazil for the non-convocation of Lodi for vaccines

Mess in Brazil on account of the non-convocation of Renan lodi with the national team, on account of the issue of vaccines. The national coach, Tite, has ensured that the player is not on the list because he is not vaccinated 100% of the Covid.

“I did not call Lodi because he is not vaccinated. You particularly understand that vaccination is a social responsibility. She is mine and with the person by her side. I bring that to myself and to my family, to the people for whom I have responsibility. My grandchildren … I wish I had my parents, I don’t have them, but I wish I had the opportunity to protect them, ”said the coach.

For his part, one of the representatives of the CBF, explained that “Renan lodi he cannot enter Ecuador ”because of the country’s legislation, one of the places where he has to play, and that“ in Brazil there are also restrictions ”. In this sense, he argued that the soccer player «received his first dose of vaccine on January 10, so he could not, within the country’s sanitary regulations, be in the delegation» of Brazil for the next matches.

A statement that generates an unknown because it is assumed that Saudi Arabia, for the dispute of the Spain Supercup, You had to be vaccinated with the complete guideline to be able to enter the country. In this sense, the Athletic ensures that «all the players and components of the expedition meet the health and sports requirements that have been requested to enter the country and play the competition, as they do in the rest of the competitions in which they participate.»


The one that will be there will be Matheus Cunha, that he has been summoned to play his next matches for the qualifying rounds of the Qatar World Cup 2022, with Ecuador Y Paraguay.

To avoid unexpected positives, the summoned players who play in Europe will focus on Madrid to travel together on a chartered flight to Quito, where Brazil will visit Ecuador on January 27. Leader of the qualifying rounds, Brazil guaranteed their presence in the Qatari World Cup when they prevailed 1-0 against Colombia last October. Undefeated to date, the Canarinha, has 11 wins and two draws in 13 games, with a 6-point advantage over Argentina, your immediate escort.



Javier G. Gómara


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Raúl García, hero of the last Spanish Super Cup won by Atlético de Madrid against Real Madrid.