Memphis crushes the Warriors and prolongs the tie

The Memphis Grizzlies were looking to come out alive from the fifth game against the Golden State Warriors and they have succeeded. The team led by Taylor Jenkins beat the Bay team (95-134) and extended the tie for at least one more game. Despite the loss of Ja Morant, those from Memphis are proving to be a very complete and seasoned team.

The Grizzlies’ two best available players, Jaren Jackson Jr. and Desmond Bane, took to the court and led the way in the early going. They scored their team’s first 16 points with 2 three-pointers apiece in that span. The Warriors woke up at the hands of Stephen Curry. However, Kyle Anderson and his playmaking prowess allowed Memphis to lead by 10 points (28-38) late in the first quarter.

The second period was quite an exhibition of the Jenkins team. The aforementioned players were joined by Brandon Clarke and the Grizzlies managed to multiply their lead. The strong defense of the local team merged with an effective attack and the result was a beating of the Golden State Warriors. At the break, those from Memphis led 50-77 and the sensations were unbeatable.

Nothing changed after passing through the locker room. What’s more, the good news for the Grizzlies multiplied. The third quarter was a real walk for the locals, who made an emphatic statement with their offensive game. To be honest, it looked as if the Warriors were giving up the game. Klay Thompson, with 19 points, was the only visiting player who maintained a level close to his usual performance. The advantage became 55 points but finally the Golden State reserves decorated the result until the final 95-134.

The Grizzlies, with Ja Morant out of circulation and the season on the line, needed someone to step up, and Jackson Jr. responded with authority. The center finished the game with 21 points in just 25 minutes. The same amount that Tyus Jones and Desmond Bane managed to score, both with four triples each. As many as seven Memphis players reached double figures in scoring to make it 3-2 and force the series to travel back to the Chase Center.

The season at stake

It was the first win-or-home game for the Grizzlies and they didn’t fail. At the end of it, their players were satisfied with the image shown. “We knew what was at stake. However, we do not change anything. We just calmed down, looked at the situation and understood what we had to get out of the game. We went out and executed it, ”said Jackson Jr., the best of the game.

Similarly, Taylor Jenkins showed satisfaction with the performance of his players. «It was an impressive win for our group, a great morale booster,» he noted. Meanwhile, Mike Brown, who is still in charge of the Warriors due to Kerr’s loss due to his positive for COVID, lamented the bad game of his: «When you have turnovers like the ones tonight, especially at the beginning, it becomes a kind of snowball, ”said the disappointed technician.

(Photograph by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)