Matthews, MacDavid and Shesterkin 2022 Hart Trophy Finalists

It will probably be before the final for the Stanley Cup when the Professional Association of the Written Press of its verdict and we finally know who is the winner of this prestigious award. At the moment, we know that there are three finalists and that perhaps it is one of the most even Hart Trophy in history. It must be remembered that for this award only the regular season counts and not the playoffs.

On the one hand, it appears Auston Matthews, the player of the Toronto Maple Leafs He is without a doubt one of the best players the Canadian franchise has had and still has. He is he top scorer of the season in the NHL with 60 goals, in addition, he has distributed 46 assists directly leading his team to the playoffs for the sixth consecutive time.

Mathews 24, who is currently in the middle of his team’s playoff against the Tampa Bay Lightning, He reacted like this when he found out about said nomination: «It’s a great honour, but I think at the moment the focus is not really very focused on that.

On the other hand, Connor McDavid The 25-year-old forward for the Edmonton Oilers and winner of the Hart Trophy last season continues with his star numbers, also this year. He has 44 goals and has distributed 79 assists. Let’s say McDavid is a player profile similar to Matthewsabsolute leader in his team, scorer and assistant and that his contribution has led the Oilers to fight for the Stanley Cup.

is finally nominated Shesterkin, Igor 26 years old. The Russian goalkeeper of the New York Rangers It has been the pleasant surprise of the league. Nobody at the beginning of the season expected him to give the high level he is giving and that has led directly to those of the Madison Square Garden to the playoffs. Also nominated to get the Vezina award As the best goalie in the NHL, the Moscow-born has an average of 2.07 goals against and a .935 saving percentage.

The Hart Trophy, more than a trophy

It has been delivered since 1923 almost with the birth of the NHL which was in 1917. Winning this trophy means being the best player in the league for the season, that is, being the best player in the world that year.

It is named in honor of Dr. David Hart, a Canadian physician who donated the trophy to the NHL and whose son Cecil coached the Montreal Canadians.

The winners of this trophy are such mythical players as Wayne Gretzky nine times, Gordie Howe with six winsor the goalkeeper of the buffalo sabers Dominic Hasekwho succeeded twice.